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    Unhappy Business Partnership Idea

    I was lucky enough to land an internship position with a top advisor in the area of investments. He asked me to write an email to his accountant, who he knows for around five years. The email should be informal enough that it feels personable, and direct to the point, and the closest to one paragraph long. The goal is to have his accountant refer him to his clients and, if appropriate, vice-versa.

    Unfortunately, English is not my first language and I am having a very hard time writing producing something that pleases my boss.

    In any case, thanks in advance!

    The current version of what I have is this:

    I was looking through your website and found a video there, where you mention that you value clients who know the value of seasoned professionals. This gave me an idea to leverage both of our clients. I would refer you to my clients and, in exchange, you do the same with your own clients. I strongly believe both of us can benefit a lot from this without much effort. Currently I have an intern working for me, who is taking care of creating a breakfast seminar, where me and one other person, which I would like if it were you, will make a presentation on something like "What is the best way to invest your money in the current market?". Let me know what you think of this, so we can meet later to iron out the details.

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    Re: Business Partnership Idea

    I've deleted the other version of this thread which you posted in Ask A Teacher. For future reference, when you click "Edit Post", if you scroll further down the resulting page, you should see a "Delete" option.
    Remember - if you don't use correct capitalisation, punctuation and spacing, anything you write will be incorrect.

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