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Would you please have a look at my answers?

Turn the following sentences into reported speech adding link-words when necessary.

1. "Do you think anything's gone wrong?"
Elsie asked asked if I thought that anything had gone wrong.

2. "Your mother's been wonderful".
Harold answered that my mother had been wonderful.

3. "I know. Mother is a great fighter. She'll never sit down under defeat".
Elsie went on saying she knew that my mother was a great fighter and that she would never sit down under defeat.

4. "Don't think of it."
He told me not to think of it.

5. She said to him: ďYou donít understand. Miss Aldridge didnít come home last night, thatís why Iím so worried.Ē
She told him that he didnít understand and if she was worried it was because Miss Aldridge hadnít come home the night before. (????)

6. He told her: ďI donít think sheís here. Iíll go and have a look. Wait a moment.Ē
He retorted that he didnít think she was there and that he would go and have a look. He told her to wait a moment. (????)

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