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    Talking help with the use of an articles

    Hi there!
    I've just done an introduction for my architecture project, but I am not so sure about the articles I have used in this part of the text. I will be really grateful if you help me to define my mistakes and make my text sound more natural. Thanks a lot!

    Refusal from excesses in favour of functionality, clearly precise composition, extreme clarity and brevity of forms, maximum attention to materials and texture, light and shadow, colour harmony are the principles upon which the minimalism was built.

    The main values of minimalism - space and freedom. Space, free from external manifestations of decoration, provides the freedom of the individual. The freshness of living space liberates the inner world and reflects the human need for a clean background information.

    Minimalism is an aspiration to perfection and search of an ideal shape, expressed by the simplicity and austerity.

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    Re: help with the use of an articles

    Very good! Get rid of the a before clear and the the before simplicity and you're done!

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    Re: help with the use of an articles

    I am not a teacher.

    If this project is homework we aren't here to do that.

    In case it isn't, I'd get rid of the the before minimalism in the first sentence. However, there are other small mistakes scattered throughout the text.

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