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    Post how do you change from noun to verb?

    for example :It decreased >there was a decrease
    It flies>it takes a flight

    I can writing It flies or It decreased,but I don't have this idea "there was a" or "it takes a "
    how I can learn it grammar??

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    Re: how do you change from noun to verb?

    Some nouns and verbs are related to each other, but there is not usually a verb/noun pair.

    You can often make nouns from verbs by adding -er. Someone who thinks is a thinker. Someone who laughs is a laugher. Someone who swims is a swimmer. (Notice the double-m.)

    There is no rule for making verbs from nouns.

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    Re: how do you change from noun to verb?

    It flies>it takes a flight
    It take flight would be used for something like an animal leaving the ground. It takes a flight would be used when describing a necessary journey by air.

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