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    Wink help me, please!

    Please, choose the right form:

    In the morning mother (cooks/is cooking) breakfast for us.

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    Re: help me, please!

    Welcome, PINKGREAT.

    Routine: (cooks)
    In the mornings mother cooks breakfast for us.
    => meaning, every morning she cooks breakfast for us.

    Future: (is cooking - short for is going to cook)
    In the morning mother is cooking breakfast for us.

    "is cooking" looks like the present continuous, but it's not. It's short for is going to cook. Speakers often reduce BE GOING TO + base verb, which is a four-word phrase, to base verb + ing, a two-word phrase. It's more efficient.

    EX: What are you going to do tomorrow? => What are you doing tomorrow?

    Here's how it's done: going to do is shortened to doing. The -ing on going is added to do, giving doing, and then going to is omitted.


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