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    Post 'Choose & find the mistake' questions

    I answered some questions that were asked by my English teacher but i'm not sure if my answers were right or not
    So i hope some one here can help me and check if my answers were right or wrong :)

    I-Choose :-

    1- I've decided that i ( will tidy / tidy / am tidying / am going to tidy ) my room this morning.
    My answer was "will tidy"

    2- My father is over sixty. He ( is retiring / will retire / is going to retire ) next month.
    My answer was "is going to retire"

    II-Find the mistakes in each of the following sentences :-

    1- When is the fifth years of your grandfather's death?
    My answer : replace the word "years" with "anniversary"

    2- Our new English course is going to start in December.
    My answer : replace "is going to start" with "starts"

    3- We fly to Greece next week.
    My answer : replace "fly" with "are going to fly"

    4- He is studying his lesson when his father comes back home.
    My answer : replace "is studying" with "studies"

    5- I feel terrible. I think i'll be sick
    My answer : replace " i'll " with "I'm going to"

    6- I need to get fit, So i've made a decision. I do more exercise.
    My answer : replace "I do" with "I will do"

    7- Don't come at 4 o'clock tomorrow. I sleep then.
    My answer : Sadly I had no answer for that :(

    8- I'm sorry i can't talk now. I'm calling you later.
    My answer : replace "I'm calling" with "I'll call"

    Thanks in advance :)

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    Re: 'Choose & find the mistake' questions

    Welcome to the forums, mnsmas.

    Your teacher needs to see your answers first.

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