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Thread: and remain

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    and remain

    The following sentence has been taken from (test material for the) CAMBRIDGE IELTS 4.

    "In the end, it was United States that was to become, and remain, the largest single market for films."

    'and remain' means still now United states is the largest single market for films. Am I right? Would anybody like to clear the use of 'that was to become' with another example? Is it passive voice? But the presence of 'and remain' indicates that it is not passive. Please explain this problem with some examples.

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    Re: and remain

    Answered here.

    We recommend posting a question on one forum only initially. If you do not get a satisfactory answer from that forum and you feel that you have exhausted its possibilities, then of course trying a different forum might help. It is only courteous however, to tell the second forum that you have already asked the question on another forum and then give a precis of the answers you received there, along with an explanation of why you are now looking elsewhere.

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