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    difference between three examples

    I am trying to explain my problems by the following sentence:

    “A commonly drawn distinction is between pre-history, i.e, the period before written records and history in tge narrow sense, meaning the study of the past using written evidence.”

    What is the difference between “the period before written records and history” and

    “the period before records written and history”


    “the period before records and history written in the narrow sense”

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    Re: difference between three examples

    First, you need to understand the sentence.
    The distinction referred to is between pre-history [i.e, the period before written records] and history [in the narrow sense ...] - that is, the distinction between pre-history and history.

    But to answer your questions:
    Your first phrase is correct.
    In your second phrase, "records written" is wrong, because it puts the adjective after the noun.
    The third is wrong because it's not what the sentence says. There's nothing about "history written in the narrow sense."

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