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    there is a song...

    in a Europe`s song there is a phrasal verb whose meaning I don`t understand
    You should know by now
    I'm gonna take you down
    Can't keep me out forever
    'Cause I'm back aroung

    to take down - what could it mean here?
    Thank you :)

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    Re: there is a song...

    In this case, the singer is addressing a girl (whom he obviously loves) who is "putting on airs", or pretending to be of higher social status than he. He knows the truth, and understands her background, and when he says "I'm gonna take you down" he means to (as we say in the US) knock her down a peg, to bring her back to reality. He will ultimately make her aware of her true background and expose her to her high-class friends. But it also means he loves her for what she is, and not what she pretends to be.

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    Re: there is a song...

    Thank you very much for explaining this, I would never work it out on my own. Actually there is something incredible to all those phrasal verbs, I just can`t understand how you can understand each other, one phrasal verbs can have many meanings, sometimes so different ones that it`s really something that you can communicate

    if you could help me once more, there is another Europe's song with another phrasal verb I don't understand, to let go with:

    'Ready or not but they're back in town
    The word is out that this time around
    They'll be lettin' go with all they've got
    Oh even if we're ready or not'

    And if you could be so kind, there are some expressions with the word 'out', they seem to be strange to, it's better to learn them by heart but I would like to understand them in a more natural way, not only mechanically:

    'the word is out' in this song means that something was said, right?
    'the time is out' means that there is no more time, that the deadline was reached, yes?

    so how could I interpret something like this:
    'when the word is out from the other side, she turns around because day and night she`s waited patiently'

    does it mean that noone spoke (the word is out-like in 'the time is out') to her and she gave up waiting or maybe someone spoke? this is so complicated :))
    thanks a lot once again

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