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    Which one is correct, 'could have been' or 'might be'?

    Hi, teachers.

    Which one is correct in the sentence below, 'could have been' or 'might be'?
    Or, would either be fine?

    A number of problems with the software ------- avoided if the company had tested it more
    thoroughly before releasing it on the market.

    Thank you for your time.

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    Re: Which one is correct, 'could have been' or 'might be'?

    I'm surprised you didn't ask about two similar structures - "could have been" and "might have been". By changing two variables instead of one, you double the complexity of the question.
    In any case, to the question you asked, only "could have been" works. "Might be" is in the wrong tense.
    You could also have used "might have been."

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