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    be kind/ good/ nice to/ for

    I have usually seen the preposition "to" used after the adjectives "nice", "kind" and "good" as in "She is always good/nice/kind to me".
    But, can they also be followed by the preposition "for" as in this example?

    -She is too good/nice/kind for you.
    I think that with the preposition "for",the meaning changes. But, I do not know how to explain that difference. Could it be used to tell someone that they do not deserve that person?

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    Re: be kind/ good/ nice to/ for

    Yes, you are right. Words don't come with specific prepositions. You use the preposition or prepositional phrase that makes sense, or that means what you intend. Of course, in a certain context, there are correct and incorrect prepositions.
    Note: this also occurs in your language; you shouldn't be confused.

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