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    Aw, Mom

    "Aw" seems to be a complaint or sympathy, so is this used as "sympathy" here?

    43) George put a sudden stop to his thoughts and stood up. “I threw it,” he said, “I’m sorry.” “Thank you, George,” said the teacher. “I appreciate your honesty. As you know, you’ll have to write 150 lines. They will be due the day after tomorrow.” George didn’t wait until the day after tomorrow to write those lines. “I did them right after school,” (b)he told his mother that night. “And I’m never going to throw a paper ball again.” “I’m very glad you were brave enough to stand up,” his mother said, “I’m proud of you.” “Aw, Mom,” George said. He felt very happy inside!

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    Re: Aw, Mom

    In this case, it is an expression of humility, as in "Aw shucks, it was nothing."

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