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    no matter how unlikely a mother

    Is "it is" omitted here? "no matter how unlikely a mother (it is)?"

    40)Baby ducks following their mothers are a familiar sight to anyone who has read kindergarten storybooks. But how, Lorenz wondered, do the baby ducks know whom to follow? As a boy, Lorenz was delighted to see that they would trail after him instead of their mothers. As a scientist, Lorenz found that the baby ducks would follow matter how unlikely a mother.if they saw it move early in their lives. Lorenz realized that when baby geese in the wild follow a mother goose, they do so not because they recognize a parent who will lead them to food and away from danger, but because they instinctively follow anything seen early in life and moving.

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    Re: no matter how unlikely a mother

    This phenomenon is called "imprinting" in biology. The sentence is fine. and "it is" does not improve it.

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