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    usage of the word 'felicitous"

    According to one dictionary, felicitous means very suited for some purpose or situation.
    I would like to make up three sentences with the word.

    (1) I have to make a felicitous judgement about which method is the best for learning how to swim.

    (2) There is a set of shapes, including a circle, a square, a rectangle, a diamond, a triangle and so on. I need to make a felicitous arrangement of these shapes to produce a nice picture.

    (3) I have come up with a felicitous strategy for settling their argument.

    Could someone please tell me whether I am using the word correctly? I have some trouble with this word. Thanks.

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    Re: usage of the word 'felicitous"

    You're using it well. Felicity means happiness.

    However, it's not commonly used and is usually a poor word choice for conversational English.

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