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    Red face I need to find a book

    My teacher just copy a part of its for us to work on, but hardly does she correct the answer for what we did. Actually, it is quite an interesting and valuable book for us. And while looking for the book, I found this on the forum."resources" or "stocks"?

    Hi, I found this choose-the-correct-option exercise in an English Proficiency book:
    Working with the mentally handicapped requires considerable ................ of patience and understanding.
    A means B resources C stocks D provisions
    I've got the answer book, and , apparently, option B is the correct one, but to me, it should be "C", so am I in the wrong or is there a mistake in the answer book?

    I meant to ask him but I don't know how to. Anyone knows, please help me. I desperately need it and will be really thankful.
    Additionally, I got separate answers for separate parts on the Internet. Hope you guys may help
    It includes many practice tests, each of which have parts like phonetics/ vocabulary/ grammar/ reading/ use of english and composition.
    Tks a lot

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    Re: I need to find a book

    Welcome to the forum.

    Unfortunately, you are wrong. "Stocks" refers to physical things, like the items in a shop. We don't have "stocks" of emotions or characteristics, which is what "patience" and "understanding" are.

    I would use "considerable amounts of ..." but that wasn't one of your options (this is frequently the case in English tests).

    I have no idea which book it is. I suggest you ask your teacher direct for the name of the book. She should be happy to know that you are interested enough in that book to consider buying it for yourself. You said that she copied some pages for you. Simply take those pages to her and ask "Which book did you copy this from?"
    Remember - if you don't use correct capitalisation, punctuation and spacing, anything you write will be incorrect.

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