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    whose responsibility of ensuring a healthy diet for individuals - IELTS essay

    The government has the duty to ensure its citizens to have a healthy diet, while others believe it is individuals’ responsibility. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

    To have a healthy diet for individuals can contribute many benefits to themselves and societies, but nowadays, there is an increasing number of people who prefer to have junk food which contains much fat and salt. It has been argued that who, governments or individuals, should be the responsible for ensuring that people are having a nutritious and balanced diet.
    There are many problems caused by unhealthy diets to governments. It increases the number of patients of obesity and heart disease, which results in burdens and pressures on hospitals. Therefore, if governments could impose penalty taxes on high-fat food products and encourage restaurants to offer customers more nutritious diets, it would eventually affect citizens’ eating habits. Consequently, governments can save costs from health care.
    On the other hand, individuals should manage their diet for their own sake, because a healthy diet can provide their life with many benefits. An individual who has a balanced diet can keep mentally and physically strong and maintain a better body shape, which helps them to perform better in workplace. For example, an employee with a healthy outlook is usually easier to win colleagues’ trust, and they tend to be more confident compared with those who are overweight. Therefore, to obtain a better professional career, individuals need to be responsible for their weight and health by controlling the quality of their diet.
    In my opinion, both individuals and governments should contribute their efforts on encouraging a healthy diet. It helps individuals to keep healthy and reduces the burdens of hospitals. As a result, it benefits individuals and societies as a whole.

    Hi All,
    please help to have a look on my essay, I have spent couple hours to write and change the essay. please let me know what should I focus on in my writing study in next step.

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    Re: whose responsibility of ensuring a healthy diet for individuals - IELTS essay

    Please correct the information in your member profile before expecting any help. I am certain that you are not an Afan (Oromo) speaker who grew up in Aaland and is now in Afghanistan. I know the last piece of information is untrue for a start.
    Remember - if you don't use correct capitalisation, punctuation and spacing, anything you write will be incorrect.

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