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    Please check grammer and word formation for preparion IELTS exam

    you are a football player, but you have to leave the team for a while,write a letter to your team-mate and say:
    -Why you have to leave,
    -how much you love the football team,
    -When you are coming back.

    Dear Captain John and team mate,
    I am writing a letter to inform you that I unable to participate upcoming games which start from tomorrow on-wards. I have been participating in our club as a goal keeper for the past five years and played an extraordinary performance that gave us a lot of medals and retains top position across country level.
    Now I have to some personal problem that is quite difficult to share with you all. In addition to, my lovable brother-in-law got an accident resulted big wound with severe fracture and doctor advised that he would be recovered in three months time. I am the one and only kin of him. As you know that I am a dedicated player among our team and really enjoy and love to play football from childhood.
    I assure that I will have joined our team three months later. I hope that you all understand my critical situation even though still we have enough players to replace myself.
    Please kindly accept my sincere apology due to urgent circumstances. See you soon.
    Thanking you.
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