I'm not very sure if this allowed as the rules say no assignment questions and such but this is not a request to do my assignment, but a request for a submission of an essay from hopefully a beginner student of English.

I'm currently doing a linguistic unit in my university and we have to analyse the essay of a beginner student of a language which we are fairly competent in. However, I cannot seem to find someone who is of a beginner level that can write an essay which I can analyse properly for consistent errors.

I hope someone is willing to reply to this request and if I am breaking the rules, moderators please feel free to take this down :)

I need an essay of at least 300 words of any topic (you can write about yourself :) ) with the respondent not referring to any learning materials or dictionary. If anyone is willing to participate (I just need one >.< ) please PM me and DO NOT post on this thread (Please do not submit essays that are posted on the internet). This will be an anonymous research essay but I do need some data on you:

-Your first language
- any other languages you know
- length of time that you learned English
-did you learn English in a formal setting (classroom) or informally (through watching shows, listening to radio, etc).

Thank you very much :) I hope to have at least one respondent. Actually, if anyone can direct me to someone who can be a participant, I will eagerly contact them and shower you with thanks haha!