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    lining a narrower road

    Doesn't it have to be "roads" as there's two roads on both sides of the tanks?

    35)If we can induce false memories simply by changing images, it might be possible to literally change history by editing them. A team of researchers showed subjects an edited version of the famous photograph of a single person standing before a line of tanks during the 1989 protests at Tiananmen Square in Beijing. In the original version of the photograph, only the lone protester was visible on the wide road. The changed version shows crowds of people lining a narrower road on both sides of the tanks. When they were asked about

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    Re: lining a narrower road

    not a teacher

    This doesn't seem to quite make sense on first reading. Do you have the changed version of the photo?
    Perhaps the "narrower road" is just a digitally altered version of the "wide road" in the original, to which they've added some people on both sides.

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