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    About learning a new word

    When I m learning a new word. Look it up in dictionary. Usually there are several meanings for a word. I would like to ask how to learn this new word? Try to learn all the meanings of this word? Or just learn one of the meanings you need.
    (I usually face new words through reading an article prepared for thoroughly studying). Of course I think it is better to learn the new word thoroughly getting all the meanings by heart. But i find it is a little difficult. And the problem for just learning one of the meanings you need by heart is that you may need to look this word up severial times when facing it in other sentences with different meanings you are not familiar with.
    I would like your opinions. Thank you very much

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    Re: About learning a new word

    I'm not a teacher, nor a native speaker.

    You can't learn the language, but you can learn how to communicate your ideas in the language.
    Don't focus on the word, focus on the ideas behind the sentence where you find it, the sentence itself, the phrases and the word.
    One meaning at a time.

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    Re: About learning a new word

    Quote Originally Posted by yeppYEPP View Post
    When I'm learning a new word, I look it up in a dictionary.
    People learn in different ways. Find the way that works for you. Some people learn the definitions. Some people memorise an entire sentence containing the word, (a different sentence for each meaning) so that they have context.

    Look at the corrections I have made to your first sentence. It's important to use apostrophes. Don't just put a space in place of a missing letter.
    Remember - if you don't use correct capitalisation, punctuation and spacing, anything you write will be incorrect.

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    Re: About learning a new word

    Vocabulary is often best learned in small amounts, so learning the most important meanings of a word may be more useful than trying to learn every single one. When you try to force your memory for vocabulary, long-term learning will rarely result.
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