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    Stand by mean (spoken) meaning

    When I say "stand by me!" out of the context, just a spoken, it means "I'll support you whatever you need, even in difficult situations" or "Please, help me!, I need you!, stay with me!, support me!" ?

    Which one of them is the meaning?

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    Re: Stand by mean (spoken) meaning

    ***** NOT A TEACHER *****

    Hello, Fotogenicas Brasil:

    When I read the title of your thread, I immediately thought of the song "Stand by Your Man" by the American singer Tammy Wynette.

    Because of very strict American copyright laws, I cannot repeat the lyrics here. (You can easily google them.)

    I do believe, however, that I can repeat a few lines:

    "But if you love him, you'll forgive him."

    "Give him two arms to cling to."

    "And show the world you love him."

    Ms. Wynette even reminds women that he is "just a man." So don't be surprised by what he does!


    In my opinion, then, when someone promises to stand by you, it refers to your first definition: to support you. To be loyal to you -- regardless of what you may do.

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    Re: Stand by mean (spoken) meaning

    Quote Originally Posted by Fotogênicas Brasil View Post
    "I'll support you whatever you need, even in difficult situations"
    Hello, Fotogênicas Brasil.
    You could say 'I'll stand by you'(, not 'Stand by me!') to convey the meaning above.
    Please scroll down to "stand by somebody" here.

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    Re: Stand by mean (spoken) meaning

    I would not use Stand by me. I know it's used in the song and film, but it sounds odd as an imperative. Please stand by me would work better.

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