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    Smile Give me some examples!

    In a book I find this sentence. "Ain't got no pencil, can't give no autograph." Is it right grammatically? If it is right, I want to get more examples that use the phrase- ain't got no. Does the phrase use in a daily life? When do you use the expression and what's the exact meaning of it?

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    Re: Give me some examples!

    "(I) Ain't got no pencils" is grammatical in that it meets the syntactic requirements of the grammar. It has a subject (implied), a verb (ain't got) and an object (no pencils). With regards to Standard English, though, it's considered unacceptable. "-n't got no" is a double negative, and "ain't" is non-standard usage, which isn't/ain't to say that speakers won't or don't use it. <I do. It's part of our living language>

    "ain't got no" is another way of saying, haven't / hasn't (got) any.
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    Re: Give me some examples!

    As Casiopea said, "ain't got no" is not standard English, and the use of it would be inappopriate in a classroom or business situation. However, it is commonly used by many folks, and since you wanted some examples:

    "Can I borrow a dollar?" "No, I ain't got no money."
    "Leave me alone, I ain't got no time for your silly questions."

    Don't ever tell your English teacher where you got these examples! LOL

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