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    luminous performance of Beethovenís

    1. What does this "luminous" mean? "not physically bright", but "excellent"?
    2. Does "run" mean some phrase in musical note?

    36)One of the most moving piano recitals I ever heard was by the late Rudolf Serkin, who delivered a luminous performance of Beethovenís Waldstein Sonata and Schubertís Wanderer Fantasy. During one of the innumerable runs that make up Schubertís work, Serkinís fingers became audibly tangled once, but he went on. When he rose from the bench at the conclusion of the piece, he acknowledged his error by softly shaking his fist at the piano, evoking laughter from the audience. Nonetheless, it was a more revealing, more beautiful rendition of this piece than many other ďperfectĒ versions I have heard played by other musicians before or since. I can assure you that Rudolf Serkinís audience

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    Re: luminous performance of Beethovenís

    I would read "luminous" to mean brilliant, exceptional.

    "Runs" means a series of musical notes, probably coming quickly.

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