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    Id like it to be

    I would love to have another child, but Id like it to be in a stable relationship.
    Im not sure about what it means in the above sentence.
    Is she saying that she wants to have another child only when she is in a stable relationship, or that she is now in a stable relationship and she doesnt want to break it by having another child?

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    Re: Id like it to be

    The first -- she wants to have a child when she is in a stable relationship. "It" replaces "to have another child", so the second clause reads: "I'd like to have another child [when I am] in a stable relationship." If she meant the latter, she would have had to use a completely different construction: "...but I don't want it to endanger my relationship."

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    Re: Id like it to be

    Thank you very much, rewboss!

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