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    He had previously had a car

    I would like to administer a proficiency test to a group of EFL learners. I 'm not sure about the answers to some of these questions. I guessed the correct answers and checked them here. Would you please help me with the correct answers.

    1) He had previously had a car but it ...... several times during the spring.
    a. was breaking down b. was breaking up
    c. had broken down d. had broken up

    2) I ........... to your letter of the 15th.

    a. would like to reply b. like to reply
    c. am wanting to reply d. would like replying

    3) your letter ................. .
    a. has arrived two days ago.
    b. arrived two days ago.
    c. arrived since two days
    has arrived since two days

    4) he didn't know ............. or go home.
    a. if to wait b. whether to wait
    c. to wait d. if that he should wait

    5) "I 'm going to the theater tonight." " So............ "
    a. do I b. will I
    c. I will d. am I

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    Re: grammar test

    1. There are too many "hads" for me. I would write: "He previously had a car, but it had broken down several times during the spring.

    2. Correct.

    3. Correct. But capitalize the "y" in "Your. Put periods after C and D. Put a D before the D answer.

    4. I would choose B, but A could be argued as correct. Capitalize the "h" in "He".

    5. I would choose D. Put periods after B, C and D. No spaces before an apostrophe or after an opening quotation mark.

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