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    Could someone help me with this short text?

    Hi everyone,
    I'd like to write to my Florida friend about a movie that I have seen, but my English is not good and I need to brush up it.
    I tried to write a summary of the plot but I m sure that there are a lot of mistakes in it.
    Can someone explain me my mistakes and check out the text?
    This is the text:
    Todd was a barber who lived in London. He had a beautiful wife and a lovely daughter. The judge of the town covet her wife so he blames him for a crime that he did 't do and Todds was kicked out the town. After 15 years he came back to London and discovered that the judge abused of her wife and became the tutor of his child. So he decided to revange of everyone that distroyed his life He looked for his barber shop where now there is a restaurant. He rented a room upstairs the restaurant and set up a new barber shop but instead of cut hair he cut his customs throw and under the seat there was a trap door in which he fall down his victims. Then he sold the bodies to the restaurant downstairs that used them to make the meat pies. He was found out when a customs made a fuss because he found a finger in his pie.

    I hope that someone can help me.

    Thamks a lot


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    Re: Could someone help me with this short text?

    You need to brush up on your English.


    The judge of the town coveted Todd's wife. (Not her wife. His wife.) So he accused Todd of a crime which he had not committed. Todd was forced to leave town.

    There has got to be more than one judge in London.


    He opened a new barber shop, and instead of cutting his customers' hair, he cut their throats. (Oh my!)

    Rewrite that now, and let's see what we can do with it.

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