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    on this kind of rebel high

    Hi all,

    I have no clue what's the meaning of 'on this kind of rebel high'
    The context is as follows:

    Two weeks shy of his college graduation, Brad Pitt decided that he was meant for more than life behind a desk. He dropped out and headed for Hollywood. He went and he saw the Grand Canyon. He loved the landscape and was just on this kind of rebel high. But once he starting approaching L.A. he saw the smog.

    I thought it should mean something opposite to the smog, but can't figure what it should be.
    Please advice!


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    Re: on this kind of rebel high

    By dropping out of college, he was rebelling against what was expected of him. This gave him a sense of euphoria. A rebel high.

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    Re: on this kind of rebel high

    ***** NOT A TEACHER *****

    Hello, Reindeer:

    I do NOT claim that my interpretation is correct, but this is how I would read that paragraph.

    As you know, if someone is "high," that often means that he has taken some illegal drugs and is "in another world" at the present time. (Not connected to reality.)

    In the case of Mr. Pitt, however, his being high did NOT have to with illegal drugs.

    Rather, it refers to the exhilaration (excitement) of being a "rebel." (He has rejected the security of a routine desk job at some company. He has decided to head for Hollywood, even though there is no guarantee that he will be successful. But "rebels" don't worry about such things.)

    When he saw the Grand Canyon, he was overwhelmed by its magnificence. He was now REALLY high. That is to say, the fantastic beauty of the Grand Canyon convinced him that he was absolutely right in rejecting the life that most people seek.

    But when he approached Los Angeles and saw the smog (which, by the way, is no longer a problem. It's been cleaned up), the smog might have been something of an omen (sign) that his dreams and illusions about "Hollywood" might not be based on reality. Maybe the smog woke him up to the possibility that he might fail and have to return home and get a boring job for the rest of his life.


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