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    Smile sounds natural or strange?


    When I talk about hobby, a friend of mine said "My hobby is watching DVD." I said " That's strange. The matter is what you enjoy watching on DVD like watching movies or something on DVD not watching DVD ." But she replied she can't specify the genre.
    If she doesn't care what to watch, does the expression "My hobby is watching DVD." sounds natural to native speakers? Would you give me some comment?

    Thank you.

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    Re: sounds natural or strange?

    Welcome, Lina.

    Use a plural noun, like this,

    EX: I like watching DVDs. <count noun>
    EX: I like reading books. <count noun>
    EX: I like listening to CDs. <count noun>
    EX: I like listening to music. <non-count noun>

    Hope that helps.

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