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    "behaving like a heavy"?

    Is there another meaning of "heavy"?

    I was translating an interview with Alfred Hitchcock into Arabic, I can't understand the word clearly with its meaning that I know, which is: weighty or fleshy. He says:

    Mason really doesn't act like a villain, does he?

    No, I didn't make him do a dastardly thing in the whole picture. I split him into three in an effort to keep him from behaving like a heavy: there's Mason himself, who only had to nod. I gave him a rather saturnine looking secretary--there was the face of Mason. And the third man--Adam Williams--he was the brutality.

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    Re: "behaving like a heavy"?

    not a teacher

    As the first part of your quote suggests, in this context a "heavy" is a villain in the film, particularly if the role involves violence.
    See definition #29 in this link.

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