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    Engage parkig lock P?

    Hello everyone!

    What does "Engage parkig lock P" mean and what is parkig lock?

    My question is related to the "Oil change kit for automatic transmissions" manual.

    Thank you.

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    Re: Engage parkig lock P?

    When you are going to change the oil in an automatic transmission you should put the gear lever into position "P".

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    Re: Engage parkig lock P?

    Parking lock. You should make sure the transmission is put into "park" before working on it.

    When an automatic transmission is put into "park," it prevents the car from rolling in either direction. People who drive cars with automatics rarely use the parking brake since it serves only as a backup to the transmission being locked. (Unlike a manual transmission car left in neutral, which relies on the parking brake to keep it from rolling.)

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