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Thread: metaphor?

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    Hi I was just wondering if this term is a metaphor or personification? (or maybe none of them!)
    'bullies are chickens'
    thanks for your help!

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    Re: metaphor?

    Personification is giving humanlike qualities to an animal or object. "bullies" is another word for a human being, so "Bullies are chickens" is not an example of personification. But "Chickens are bullies" is such an example.

    Metaphor is a comparison of two unlike things using a form of the verb to be, not the verb like or the word as. For example, "Bullies are chickens" could be deemed an example of a metaphor, but in that context "chicken" isn't referring to another thing, an animal; it's referring to a concept: A chicken is another name for a person, a person who is afraid of something or afraid to do something.

    Hope that helps.

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