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Thread: the verb 'mean'

  1. Unregistered Lina

    Smile the verb 'mean'

    Would you help me with the following sentence?
    1) Virgo means intelligent.

    When I talk about the birth sign, can I say 1) according to the character of each sign?
    I think 'mean' should be followed a noun. Should I change 'intelligent' to 'intelligence'?
    I feel this will change the meaning of the sentence.
    I'll be happy to get some comment.

    Thank you.

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    Re: the verb 'mean'

    Perhaps to clarify the sentence, you could say something like:

    The Zodiac symbol Virgo signifies intelligence.

    ("Means" is often interchangeable with "signifies", but in this example, I don't think it works as well.)

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