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    Passive Sentence

    A question about forming passive sentences from active sentences.

    1a "The rebels attacked the city from the hilltop."
    2a "The teacher yelled at the students from his (teacher's) office."
    3a "The spy observed the suspect from his (spy's) car."

    For the above active sentences, if I write the following passive sentences:

    1b "The city was attacked from the hilltop."
    2b "The students were yelled at from the teacher's office."
    3b "The suspect was observed from the spy's car."

    Are some of the passive sentences not so good?

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    Re: Passive Sentence

    Welcome to the forums, thamme.

    In this kind of purely academic exercise, passive sentences are usually 'not so good' and sound unnaturally contrived.

    We don't correct students' homework here, but I can tell you that each of your answers omits one important detail.

    Let your teacher see your work and come back to us if you don't understand anything he or she marks wrong.

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    Re: Passive Sentence

    Quote Originally Posted by thamme View Post
    Are some of the passive sentences not so good?
    They're all possible, but they would require a context to make sense of why you're using the passive- it's not simply something that can replace any transitive verb, but something we use for a reason.

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