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    second level of the car

    I used to live in Toronto, and as far as I know, there's no second level on the subway, maybe by "train" with second level, the write meant "street car" or "tram", right?

    We got on the train in Oaksville, got off at Union, and I
    brought (c)her up to the office. We had lunch and I picked
    up the bill. Back at Union, on the platform, we learned our
    train was delayed due to snow.
    It was bitterly cold. A
    woman approached us
    She took a shawl from around (a)her neck and placed it on
    Jenny’s lap with great care. The train arrived, we all piled
    on, and the woman went up to the second level of the car.
    Once warmed up, I took the shawl off Jenny, folded it
    neatly, and planned to return it. When the woman came
    downstairs for (b)her stop she would have none of it, saying
    it might come in handy someday.

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    Re: second level of the car

    It's more likely that the train had two levels; maybe it was a double-decker.

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