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    Both sets of voters

    Who are these "Both sets of voters "? 1 or 2?
    1. voters for John ; voter for Bush
    2. raters for their own personality ; raters for the personality of John Kerry and George W. Bush.

    34)In one study, more than 6,000 American voters rated their
    own personality and the personality of John Kerry and
    George W. Bush. Both sets of voters agreed that Kerry was
    far more open to new ideas and concepts than Bush, but that
    Bush was more loyal and sincere than Kerry. However,
    exactly the same pattern of traits emerged among voters.
    Those who voted for Kerry rated themselves as more openminded
    than the Bush voters, and Bush supporters saw
    themselves as more trustworthy than those who voted for
    Kerry. Regardless of whether the similarity is dress,
    background, age, religion, food preference, opinions or
    personality, we like people who , and find
    them far more persuasive than others.

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    Re: Both sets of voters

    Both Bush voters and Kerry voters.

    Everybody was asked to rate themselves and the two candidates on personality. There is not one set who rated themselves and another set who rated the candidates.

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