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    Those are some nice chairs.

    These are the lines from "Grammar in Use Intermediate, 3e (North American English) - Cambridge University Press 2009":

    We use a/an ... to say what kind of thing or person something/somebody is:
    - That's a nice table.
    In the plural, we use the noun alone (not some ...):
    - Those are nice chairs. (not some nice chairs)

    However, the sentence "Those are some nice chairs." sounds pretty normal to me.
    What do you think about it?
    Thanks a lot.
    Please notify me of any mistakes in my posts. It is much appreciated.

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    Re: Those are some nice chairs.

    I am not a teacher.

    I think the point that 'Grammar in Use' is making is that the plural of a/an in these cases is not 'some' but zero article.

    'Those are some nice chairs' with the stress on 'some' means that they are particularly nice chairs.

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