The success or failure of a class hinges largely on which activities the teacher decides to use. In ESL there are literally thousands of both good and bad activities that can find their way into the classroom. Good activities are those that introduce new vocabulary, grammar, phonics, concepts and structures, practice or review what students already know, and/or to produce language or work. Outstanding activities are those that make several of these targets their aim, in an effective way, while at the same time reinforcing each other from class to class.

The majority of bad activities, rather than helping students learn, are thrown in to kill time, or as a symptom of poor preparation.

In my time as an ESL teacher I have seen and used hundreds and hundreds of activities, both good and bad. This is why I decided to help both new and old ESL teachers, by sharing my treasure trove of activities online, drawn from years of experience. At the time of writing this, I have about 15-20 activities online, and I have well over 100 activities to add to my list over the coming weeks. These activities, time-tested, tried, and true, are all being expertly produced by FindESLjobs as PDF files so you can download, print, conveniently utilise in any classroom and of course, if desired, share easily with your colleagues.

On FindESLjobs we feature a section devoted to User Created Content. This is largely because learning and teaching go hand in hand; we here at FindESLjobs can't possibly be aware of all the great activities that are in ESL today, and tomorrow can only bring more exciting and effective ideas to the fore. So I ask that if you have any great activities that work for you post them online and together we will collaborate to create the best ESL teaching repository for today, tomorrow and beyond.

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Jamie Rochfort