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Thread: On account of

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    On account of

    Hello everybody,I am new around here!!

    I would like to ask you a a question about the expression "on account of" ,I know that it means "becauseof,owing to",I wonder whether it can by followed by a pronoun (such as:me,you,him...)and a gerud.Could you tell me whether this kind of construction is correct?

    Some examples
    I decided to leave Carl on account of him cheating on me.
    I stayed at home on account of my sister('s) being ill.
    Police arrested Mark on account of him having robbed.

    Thank you in advance!!

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    Re: On account of

    Purists would saying on account of his cheating on me, but the form with him is commonly used.

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    Re: On account of

    I am not a fan of "on account of" being used where a simple "because" will do. All three of your example sentences are awkward.

    I decided to leave Carl because he cheated on me.
    I stayed home because my sister was ill.
    Police arrested mark for robbery.

    Often times, simple is better.

    By the way "due to the fact that" is just as bad.

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