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    Narrative,descriptive ans reflective essay

    Please cheakk my essay and suggest me the thesis for the essay.

    People often wish that they would have an easy and comfortable life.They usually make mistake of thinking that they can easily perceive without any complications or failure in life. Having faith can be good but being totally depended on your thought is detrimental. As we all have seen or experienced by our self, people often learn the value of life (helping/volunteering) when they themselves are digged in the ditched of others problems. Similarly, Once when I had my car broken down I went through the same situation.

    You never know when and where you may need help from others. As I was driving for my work, suddenly due to unclear foggy weather my car broke down. I was really disappointed. More than anything, what depressed me was the fear of not reaching my work place on time as it was my 1st day and I didn't want to create a bad impression or I didn't want my boss to shout at me from the very first day of my work. I was totally blind and nothing could my mind catch up at that situation. I got shrunk, my body started to shiver and my mind gradually start to think several things. There wasn't any car station and mechanics and thereby I started losing my hope to reach my work place at time.

    I had never thought that I would be in such a great circumstance and stand like a mutant staying hopeless. But after about an hour a man passed me by. There was a light of home within me. As my voice stopped him. "Hey man, I really need to get to my work place as soon as possible and my car is dead now. could you please drop me at my work place." Although the man looked gentle, helpful person, he didn't reflect it in action. He didn't even said a single word , he went by. At that point I was like "How can a man be so rude?".

    But,as we say, there's always someone on your way who is sent by God awaiting to help you. and I also am really religious. And now, there she was; old, crispy but very beautiful and charming lady with her stick climbing. she came out of her car and asked if I was all right and Why was I standing there in that cold weather? I explained her about my situation and also told her about the man earlier. That way , the old lady felt for me, that really melted my heart. And then she got me in her car and drove me safely to my destination. Though it was almost two hours late, I was still happy and also my boss understood my problem.

    So, that day the old lady came like an angel for me and made me realize that how her small help was worth full enough to make a difference in my day. And also my boss understood my situation. There was nothing I could do more than giving them my heartfelt gratitude.

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    Re: Narrative,descriptive ans reflective essay

    When will you submit this essay to a tutor?
    Remember - if you don't use correct capitalisation, punctuation and spacing, anything you write will be incorrect.

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    Re: Narrative,descriptive ans reflective essay

    Quote Originally Posted by kinskey View Post

    People often wish that they could have an easy and comfortable life.
    Then they don't win the lottery.

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