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    A specific meaning of the verb throw

    Dear teachers,
    my friend presented me with a sentence (I think it is taken from a book):
    I wouldn't trust Bill as far as I could throw him.
    She then asked me about the meaning of the word "throw". She read somewhere that the meaning is literal, i.e. you can trust Bill only as much as how far you can throw him and as you cannot just pick him up and throw him, the meaning is you cannot trust him at all.
    I was not convinced by this explanation so I researched the word "throw", but could not find any meaning that would make sense in this sentence.
    My theory is that the sentence means something like this: I don't trust Bill, as far as I know him(with the little information I could gather so far). But as I wrote above, I cannot find the meaning that would meet my theory.
    I humbly ask for your assistance in this matter. My reputation is at stake. :)

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    Re: A specific meaning of the verb throw

    It's meant to be taken literally.

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    Re: A specific meaning of the verb throw

    You are incorrect. This type of distrust of a person is based on knowing the person and his past behavior. Not based on a lack of knowledge of the person.

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