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    I can't understand--

    I read some passages, but I can't understand this meaning(part of underlined). Could anyone tell me about this meaning? Thank you
    in advance!

    He locked the Saab and went into the cool building. The offices of Jardine and Makepeace, advertising agents, were on the fourteenth floor of a modern block with wonderful views over Regentís Park. But this morning, when Stephen found himself climbing the stairs (the lift was out of order again!), he would happily have given up the views for an office on the ground floor.
    ĎPlease let everything go smoothly today,' he said to himself as he made his way up the stairs. Stephen was worried about work - the agency had lost an important client that week.

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    Re: I can't understand--

    What the sentence is saying is that he would much rather work on the ground floor, possibly because he doesn't want to walk to the 14th floor or get the lift. He will give up the views of Regent's Park for the convenience of working on the ground floor.

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    Re: I can't understand--

    The office was on the 14th floor, with its windows overlooking a nice area, offering admirable views. On that day, however, Stephen would have preferred an office on the ground floor, without the beautiful view, but also easier to access with the lift being out of order.
    '...he would happily have given up the views for an office on the ground floor...'
    means he would have gladly sacrificed the views if only the office had been on the ground floor.
    Hope the above helps.
    Tee Kay

    Edit: Sorry, Angela, I had no idea you were typing and posting your reply at the same time I was. My explanation has become superfluous...
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    Re: I can't understand--

    Angela27 , T.Klimkiewicz,

    Thank you for your kind explanations, thanks to yours, I've got it!

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