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    On the sidelines...

    Hi all,

    I'm curious what should be the correct meaning of 'on the sidelines'. The context is:

    The only thing that affects your career in Hollywood is if your movies flop at the box office and that did become a problem for Sean Penn as a director because with ‘Indian Runner’ and ‘The Crossing Guard’ neither of them did any business. Sean’s career was once again on the sidelines. All that would change with a call from a friend in mid 1995. By 1995 when Tim Robbins wants to make Dead Man Walking, Sean’s retirement from acting has become pretty much set in stone.

    Firstly, I'm confused whether the sideline should mean 'hobby' in this context. If so, does it refer to his directing career or to his acting career?
    Or should it have other meaning?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: On the sidelines...

    'On the sidelines' means he was not seen as an important director in Hollywood.

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