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    Plz check my grammar and punctuation.

    The star image that is closest to the girl personality is the little boy who went into the forest to see God. Firstly, I think the narrator means by the little boy is the girl because the little boy looks for fun and wants to enjoy most of his life. The girl was very happy when her mother told her we will go to the grandpa, and she said all my friend have grandpa except me. Secondly, when the narrator says, who went into the forest to see God he means when the girl and her mother moves to the grandpa house. The girl found everything's that she likes, and she looks for in the grandpa personality. Finally, I think that the narrator means that God is the paradise and that what the girl found in grandpa personality because he taught her the names of the tree, and how to fish.

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    Re: Plz check my grammar and punctuation.

    I'll start- 'the star image' is an unclear phrase- what do you want to say?

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