Hello UsingEnglish Community,

I'm a fluent speaker of English, and it is my first (and main) language. But I have a speech impediment that I couldn't and can't seem to fix.

I have tried to use resources on YouTube to help me, but all the videos that I have found don't deal with what I'm experiencing.

So my problem is when I mispronounce a word with "er", " or", "ir", "ar", and the like in it. I have trouble going from the first letter (ex. e) to the second letter (r).

For example, I mispronounce with:
- water
- for and four
- first
- far

But I pronounce correctly with words like:
- round
- throw
- roll
- row

Basically, I have trouble with transitioning. For example, let's say I say a word with "er" in it. I do okay when I pronounce the "e" part, but then I mess up when I go from "e" to the "r" part.

When I mispronounce, it either comes out with a British accent (even though I'm Canadian with an American accent) or it's incomprehensible.

Does anyone know what I should do to fix this? I have been living my life mispronouncing words like this, and it's driving me crazy

Any help will be greatly appreciated!