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    fashion is becoming more and more important in choosing cloths, positive and negative

    Recently, great attention has been paid about clothing. It seems that every body concerns about keeping up with the latest fashion, knowing the tendency, this industry is growing at a staggering rate. Whether it has advantages or not has triggered spirited debate. This essay looks at idea in favor and against fashion.

    It is commonly believed that how people wear clothes has a strong bond with the amount of their credibility, Therefore, It is so vital to be well dressed and taking pride in our appearance. Take job interview as an example, somebody who is a fashion icon and know how to dress for the occasion, absolutely will have a very superb first impression on the interviewer, and definitely can have a better chance to get the job.

    On the flip side, fashion is one of the popular subjects, yet it has a downside which is raising consumerism. Even some designers and fashion companies willing to go far taking advantage of this trend. Youngsters predominately are most vulnerable victims of this phenomenon that unconsciously become salve to fashion and even put enormous pressure on their parents to buy them must-have shirts or pair of shoes, Moreover they go to school dressed to kill. The only item which is important for them is look like they are on trend and all of above items leads to exacerbating their behavior.

    From what has been examined above , we may draw the conclusion that even if fashion has lots of outstanding effects in our lives, but is side effects cannot be underestimated.

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    Re: fashion is becoming more and more important in choosing cloths, positive and nega

    Welcome to the forum, nanzanin.

    I can't see a question here, so I'm assuming you want us to review your text. I'm it moving your post to the Editing & Writing Topics forum.

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