kindly hep me to revise my first motivation letter ...i have to upload it with in two days !!

Dear Sir or Madam,

From the junior XXX, who is also applying to this program, I learned about your Masters program "Molecular Biology (M.Sc)”, starting in October 2015 in GEORG-AUGUST-UNIVERSITT GOTTINGEN. I am very interested to applying for this program and I believe that my academic background is appropriate for the position.
I have completed my Bachelor Degree in Biomedical engineering from Ned University of engineering and technology in 2012. Currently, I have been working as a Lab Engineer in Ned University since 2012.My main task at my work is to teach and supervise students in learning and working with biotechnology tools and equipment.
In 2011, I worked as a trainee at Karachi institute of biotechnology and genetics engineering, University of Karachi. During six months internship, I gained sufficient handover experiences on different techniques of medical, industrial and plant biotechnology. I have had a great exposure on DNA Extraction protocols, Gel Electrophoresis, PCR, DNA sequencing, karyotyping and RFLP, used in forensic medical sciences. Under the supervision of my seniors, pipetting and handling of critical equipments was learned. In Industrial Biotechnology department, great exposure on Carbohydrate and glucose quantification tests, which include Nelson Somogyi test of carbohydrates, DNSA test of total protein, Anthrone test of total carbohydrates, Lowry’s test of total protein, Bacterial streaking, and Gram staining sampling labeling and maintenance of samples was learned. In Plant Biotechnology, DNA extraction from plant leaves was mainly focused to be learned. Furthermore SDS Page technique with silver staining, making of different reagents, weighing of samples and use of electronic balance was also learned. This opportunity gives me a wide exposure and craves my interest towards biological sciences.
Currently i am enrolled in Masters Program of Biomedical engineering at Ned University which is expected to get completed in December, 2014. Mixed Master program consists of 2 years of courses and 1.5 year research. While in courses studding I managed to take challenging courses such as "Mathematical and computer modeling of physiological systems”. I enjoyed learning these subjects though Molecular sciences were my interest but I believe that to understand physiological phenomenon related to human system you must understand biochemistry, physiology and molecular biology. Molecular science and research always fascinated me, this is the reason I decided to choose postgraduate dissertation in molecular field titled “Molecular characterization of extended spectrum beta lactamases in klebsiella pneumoniae among Pakistan population” and to work in biotechnology centre.

My supervisor Prof. Dr.XXX sent me to biotechnology department of university of Karachi to learn culture collection, its identification, Antibacterial susceptibility testing, ESBL detection and molecular characterization of ESBL gene under the co supervision of Prof. Dr. XXX.
My experience also includes working as a lab engineer in Ned University. Tutoring has taught me to work diplomatically and successfully with a wide variety of students. The practical and theoretical experiences in klebsiella pneumoniae diagnosis and tutoring have enabled me to gain quick learning in ESBLs projects. It is this background that attracted me to the acquiring more theoretical knowledge and practical skills in this area especially in molecular biology. This is due to this reason that I am looking forward to do masters in Molecular biology to learn depth knowledge on this subject and implement it by conducting further research in future.
Molecular biology is one of the most perspective and promising Master programmes of the Georg August University according to its announcement and positive references with graduates i have asked. My main reason for choosing this programme is to get education that would be completely differnet from other opportunities i could get at the University. At first, this program gives a chance to study abroad while being in Georg August universtat i could take lectures, tutorials, seminars, methodical internship under supervision of German scientists of MAx. Planck institutes that is hand on and research oriented. Secondly, gaining good marks will allow junior researchers to switch directly over to 3 years doctorate programme. This reflects that this Master program require serious demands for its students, but this only contributes to graduating more qualified and skillful specialists. So I am sure studying at Georg August universtat will be a great foundation for my future career and would be a wonderful experience.
Furthermore, I am hard-working, ambitious person, motivated by goal achievements, having a multi-perspective approach towards a situation. Nothing provides me with more satisfaction that bringing contribution to the success of a project
Attached is a copy of my resume, which more fully details my qualifications for the position.

Thank you for considering my application.

Yours faithfully,