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    Question 'At recess' as a point in time, or not?


    I have a doubt concerning a particular sentence I want to write and where I try to express a moment prior to the very beginning of recess at a school.

    That is, does the phrase 'at recess' refer exclusively to the period that makes up recess time or can it be understood as the very moment when recess commences (the bell starting to ring and all) as well?

    For reference, the sentence/-s, which is part of a story, is the following:

    At recess, the students rushed for the exit with usual excitement. Mikey, still upset about what happened earlier, was among the first to "flee" the classroom too, the teacher trying and failing to reach him on time.

    Thank you in advance

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    Re: 'At recess' as a point in time, or not?

    I don't feel that "at recess" works in this context. "As the bell announced recess, the students rushed...," seems to me to be a better description of that moment.

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