Hi everyone,
In this post I ll try to answer some of the part 2 IELTS speaking questions about the topic of library, I ll apprecaite it if anyone could tell me what my level of Englsih is and what areas need improvement.

Describe a library that you visited? You should say
- where the library was
- what facilities it had
- why you went there
- and explain whether you found the library useful or not

- The library is situated in the center of my town,not far away from where I live. It is the library of the private school which I used to study in. It is not that big, but it contains almost all what a university student might need during his study years.

- It has different kinds of facilities like: free access to the library, a wide range of books in many fields of study, internet access for students, the library also organizes some seminars and workshops from time to time. It has big tables for discussion groups and for self use too. It provides very good environement for full concentrartion in readings and research. It is also visited by different categories of people which range from school pupils to elderly people.

- I spent a lot of my college time in that library to make my assignements, research papers and for self reading too. I remember having great pleasure in that place where I could sit alone reading the books and magazines that I want for hours and hours. It is there where I fall in love with reading. I wish I could go there again and again.

- The library indeed is very interesting because it contains a wide range of books and magazines in different fields as I mentioned before. Everyone can have free access and can benefit from its various facilities.