So I am in ninth grade and I had to summarize a children's book as an assignment. I got an A- on it, and I thought it was pretty solid, but I don't know how I could have made it better. So can you guys help me make some revisions on it so I know what to and what not to do for next time? It must be 5 sentences, no more, no less, and using standard MLA format.

So here is my summary on the story, "Who Ate MY Porridge?" By Nick Ward:

Drawing to Conclusions
Someone ate MY porridge by Nick Ward teaches its readers that the true meaning or outcome in something must not be quickly determined by its initial appearance. Little Bear now knows this ever since the day a steaming, hot, bowl of porridge did not wait for him on the kitchen table like every other morning. The day gets even more unusual when Little Goat Gruff arrives and points out that his porridge pot is missing too, so it seems only safe to assume that the hungry, hairy, howling porridge monster stole the porridge pots! The duo followed the mysterious trail of porridge outside of Little Bearís home recruiting friends like Jack, Little Mrs. Muffet, and Little Red Riding Hood along the way, to find not a ferocious porridge monster, but Goldilocks awaiting the groupís arrival for a delicious porridge feast! Through Little Bearís journey, it is clear that taking a closer look at a certain predicament before drawing to a conclusion would be a much more desirable option.

Thank you all in advance I appreciate it!