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    set your sights too high

    What do you think this "sights" mean? "goal" or "range of seeing"?
    tr1)Creating a budget isn't incredibly difficult, but where most people fail is trying to maintain the budget. One of the biggest budget killers is unrealistic expectations. If you set your sights too high, you only become discouraged when you fail to reach them. While it is admirable to try and accomplish great things, you need to set goals that are challenging, yet realistic. One way to do this is to start fairly small with short time frames. If you creat smaller achievable goals over the coming months. You're more likely to accomplish them. Then, b

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    Re: set your sights too high

    not a teacher

    In this metaphor the "sights" are those of a gun. When you are aiming at something you set the sights of the gun on your target. If you are being too ambitious, that is, aiming at something beyond your capabilities, you are said to be "setting your sights too high".

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